Match 3 Jelly Garden – Unity Game Complete Template Source Code

Free download Match 3 Jelly Garden - Unity Game Complete Template Source Code
Free download Match 3 Jelly Garden - Unity Game Complete Template Source Code

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And now you can download free

We recommend that you use paid source code from this website as a demo, and you should buy assets or source code directly from the developer to get support and regular updates and respect for copyright from Developers

Match 3 Jelly Garden Complete Project is as good template for your match 3 game. 
✔ Ready for PUBLISH! 
✔ Optimized for Mobile 
✔ Full Complete Project 
✔ No need programmer skills! 
✔ Create EASY – EARN quickly! 

Jelly Garden is a great complete project in the genre of classic match-3 games, with many goals and obstacles. Super customizable and easy to use. After the purchase, you will have a project of the highest quality with a perfect support from our Candy Smith Team. 

Jelly Garden Match 3 includes: 

– LEVEL editor 
– IAP editor 
– POPUP editor 
– GUI helper 
– ADS controller 
– Friends on a MAP 
– Privacy policy (GDPR) You can use our policy as reference with changing details. 


✔ Full Complete Match-3 Project 

✔ Doesn’t require any programmer skills! 

✔ Ready for Publishing 

✔ Optimized for Mobile 

✔ 6 colorful game items + 6 types for each item (stripe, package and marmalade) 

✔ Level EDITOR 


✔ Unity IAP’s purchases (boosters): 
• 5 Moves 
• 30 Seconds 
• Choco Bomb 
• Magic Wand 
• Hand Mover 
• Multicolor Bomb 
• Sprite Items 

✔ Many game obstacles: 
• Wooden block 
• Jelly (2 levels) 
• Thriving block 
• Unbreakable Block 
• Ice 

✔ Many Game Goals: 
• Collect different game items 
• Collect the ingredients (nut and cherry) 
• Destroy Jelly Blocks (2 levels) 
• Complete a goal in time 

✔ Ads Monetization: 
• Chartboost 
• Unity Ads 
• Admob 
• Inapps 
• Rewarded ads (Unity, Admob) 

✔ Dynamic game tutorials: 
• Visual 
• Tabs 

✔ Life Shop 
• For the coins 
• Watch the video ad 

✔ Rewarded video 

✔ Coins Shop 

✔ Booster Shop 

✔ Lead border 

✔ Friends on a map 

✔ Great Visual Effects 

✔ Professional sound Effects 

✔ Many Combos 

✔ Clean and Flexible Source Code 

✔ Easy for Reskin 

✔ Facebook Sharing 

✔ 100 tested levels 

✔ Professional Design 

✔ Great Support 

Those features provides you the best opportunities! 

* Save a time 
* Don’t need a programming skills 
* Unique level design 
* Easy for reskin 
* Clear documentation 
* Easy for improvement 

If you buy this Asset you will receive: 

– Hight Quality asset 
– Really Fast support 
– Best Match 3 games 

All UI text is png textures for the best optimization. It is also convenient for reskin. 

You don’t need to hire a programmer to insert advertising network and for Facebook integrate. We did it for you! 

We work a lot on the project, that you get a quality product. That allows you to earn good money. If you find a bug or have some suggestions please contact us. 

Asset constantly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick support. We are always happy to help you understand the project and give recommendations for further development. 

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