Berry Match 3 PRO – Unity Game Complete Template Source Code

Free download Berry Match 3 PRO - Unity Game Complete Template Source Code
Free download Berry Match 3 PRO - Unity Game Complete Template Source Code

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Berry Match Three is the best Match-3 open source code engine you can find. This game has a very nice graphic design that you can substitute with your own original graphics. In this game you will also find a multitude of play modes and power ups.
The project contains a series of tools for fast project setup. They include a global settings editor, level editor, rules editor, localization editor etc. The project is in active development, so this list will be appended.

The the demo is available via the link below.

Google Play: DEMO


  • Powerful Level Editor. Import/export of levels into individual files.
  • Level types: Target Score – collect the specified number of points, Jelly Crush – clear the level of jelly, Block Crush – clear the level of wooden blocks, Sugar Drop – drop all sugar chips, Color Collection – destroy the specified number of chips, Jam – fill the level with jam, Duel with Ted – fill the level with jam before your opponent.
  • Level limitations: Moves – the player has a limited number of moves, Timer– the player has a limited amount of time.
  • Power ups: CrossBomb – destroys all berries in its row and column. SimpleBomb – destroys all neighboring berries. ColorBomb – destroys all berries of its own color, VLineBomb and HLineBomb – destroys the corresponding horizontal and vertical rows of berries. Ladybird – a smart bomb that searches for the most attractive berry and destroys it, UltraColorBomb – a bomb that, at the player’s will, destroys all berries of the same color as one of the neighboring berries. LightningBomb – a bomb creating a chain reaction of destroying chips.
  • A huge number of mixing effects. The player may mix any pair of power ups, thus creating a unique effect with more powerful destructive capability.
  • Obstacles: Wood Block – a destroyable block, Stone – a chip that behaves like a destroyable block, Weed – a destroyable block that creates new blocks of the same type with each move. Branch – a block that contains a berry – it may be destroyed if you try to destroy the berry it contains.
  • Other mechanics: Teleport – allows to link remote slots to each other, as a result the berries begin to teleport, Wall – unbreakable obstacle, that blocks the movement of chips from one slot to the next. Gravity Direction – you may specify the direction of chips falling for each slot.
  • Easily expandable level map. You may create a huge level map using repeating parts.
  • 75 ready-made levels.
  • Built-in In-App Purchases system, as well as an in-game shop that allows the player to buy in-game goods. For real money and for in-game currency.
  • Built-in advertisement networks: ChartboostUnityAdsAdColony and AdMob. They allow to monetize your application by means of showing video ads. There is also a way to reward the player for viewing an extra ad video.
  • A system of cut-scenes. You may write a short dialog between the two players that will play back every time you launch a pre-selected level. This allows to introduce exciting tutorial moments into the game as well as enrich the game with a plot.
  • Daily rewards. The project contains a mini-game – the Wheel of Fortunethat allows the player to win a random prize once a day. In addition to that, the player may purchase tickets for this mini-game for in-game currency.
  • The energy system. Each unsuccessful attempt of passing one or another level reduces the life of a player. Life regenerates with time. This technique keeps the player interested longer. Besides, lives can be bought in the shop, or won at the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Gameplay synchronization. By player’s wish he can connect the game to his Facebook profile and save the progress in the cloud and, as a result, play on multiple devices. This is made possible by the Backendless cloud database service.
  • Leaderloards. Each level has its own list of leaders, where the player may compete with his Facebook friends as well as with fake players from the Berry Match-Three universe.
  • Text localization. The project has already been translated into English and Russian, and you may easily add additional language. The player may select any language available right in the game’s settings.
  • Local notifications. The player will always know it’s time to play again. Each time when the player’s lives will be refilled, he will receive a message on his/her telephone. This concerns the daily rewards too. Also, the game will wish the player good morning if he ever forgets to play it 🙂
  • The user interface is adapted for various screen resolutions, for portrait as well as landscape screen orientation as well as for digitizer and mouse controls.
  • The game is abundant with nice sounds. All effects are provided with a sound, and are accompanied with two beautiful melodies.
  • BerryPanel. The most part of the main settings is located on one panel. There you will also find a way to send an email to the creator of the game with a question or a bug report, and receive an email in reply.
  • Fixer. A fast error fixing module allows you to instantly get a list of all bugs known to the author and fix them in one click without diving into the source code.
  • The game has been tested on Android and iOS platforms.

Feel free to ask the developer an additional question related to the project’s capabilities.
The the demo is available via the link below.

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